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Floor Plans & Real Estate Sales

Do you think you would list a home without photos? Probably not. After all, you would not see too many listings if you did. The same goes for floor plans.

Floor plans will show the relationship between each of the rooms and the space in-between giving you an accurate representation of the property layout. A good set of plans will drive buyer engagement much higher. In surveys done, 64 % of buyers want to see floor plans of a home. Thats in the top five of important items. Taking a private tour, of course, is number one. 78% of buyers ranked it number one. So you can see, floor plans are not too far behind.

Floor plans will help buyers visualize a home, sometimes better than relying on photos alone. It certainly will augment the the property and make it memorable later on. So if you want to make a more professional appearance to your buyers, consider including floor plans on all your listings.

AP3 does floor plans too. It does not add much cost to a photo package, but could potentially add to your selling price. Floor plans can also include approximate room dimensions at no extra cost. #floorplan #realestatephotography #hudsonvalleylifestyle #realestatelife #floorplans #hudsonvalleylife #hudsonvalleyphotographer #hudsonvalleyny

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