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Good Bye Zillow Certified Photographers

While Zillow is still the number one real estate listing site, they have lost market share due to the reduction of property listings. This of course creates a "backed into the corner" situation. As a result, beginning in 2023, they have eliminated the Zillow Certified Photographer program, removed the video upload feature and they are focusing on partnering with VRX Media. This will give Zillow the ability to provide all aspects of real estate photography including floor plans, video, drone photography, virtual tours and even providing their own photographers.

At Aerial Photo Platform, we have been providing all these features to our clients. By virtue of our "one stop shop" for your real estate listings, we provide our world class photography, virtual tours, interactive floor plans, drone photography, video production services and support for our agents who utilize our platform. We will continue to provide these services at our same competitive pricing, despite Zillow's shift in focus. If you have been utilizing our services, we appreciate your business. If you have not, feel free to check out our work and see our reviews. We truly are a one stop shop for your real estate listings.

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