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How to Upsize Your Home to Make Room for Your Business

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Watching your home-based business take off is undeniably rewarding. Finally, all that hard work you put in is paying off! But what do you do when your business starts taking over your home? If business supplies, equipment, inventory, and paperwork are spilling over into your personal life, it might be time to move into a larger space. Upsizing your home is a great opportunity to design a home office or move onto a property with space for a proper workshop. In this article, Aerial Photo Platform Productions shares some tips to ensure your upsizing process goes smoothly.

Prepare Your Business for Growth

Before your business grows any bigger, take steps to ensure your business is prepared to expand. For example, this is a good time to form an LLC if you’re still running your business as a sole proprietorship. Forming an LLC will protect your personal assets—like your new home—from business-related debts and other liabilities. You can avoid the lawyer fees and form an LLC on your own by using an online formation service. Just be sure to review your state’s LLC rules!

Return to School to Sharpen Your Business Acumen

Creating sustainable business growth requires knowledge and skill. If you’re feeling unprepared to handle your business's growth, consider returning to school and earning a degree in business! explains that a business degree program will teach you key skills in financial management, marketing, communications, and more. Enroll in an online program so you can continue running your business while earning your degree. Click here to explore online business bachelor’s degree programs available to you!

Write a List of Home-Based Business Needs

When you’re ready to start house hunting, make a list of home-buying needs and wants. Think carefully about what features your new home needs in order to accommodate your business. Here are a few ideas:

● A spare bedroom, basement, or den to convert into an office.

● A separate structure or guest house that you can use for business.

● A location that’s easy for clients to access.

● Customer-friendly parking options.

● Storage space for equipment, supplies, and inventory.

Beyond these criteria, your new home must also legally support your specific business activities. Check the local zoning laws and permit requirements for different neighborhoods. You’ll also want to review HOA regulations and local restrictions that might limit what you can do on your property.

Automate Your Business During the Move

Moving your home will demand a lot of your time and attention. Set up systems to automate your business so you can avoid spreading yourself thin. Affordable digital automation tools make it easy to automate everything from paying bills and invoicing clients to digital marketing and customer support. For anything that cannot be automated, consider outsourcing. Outsource time-consuming projects to freelance professionals so you can focus on selling your home, hunting for a new place, and navigating the moving process. Automating and outsourcing will continue to benefit your business long after your move!

Set Up a Functional Home Office

When you arrive in your new home, set up your home office right away. Invest in comfortable furniture, high-quality equipment, and a strong Wi-Fi connection. If you plan on meeting with clients or partners in your home office, remember to include seating for guests in addition to your personal office chair. Decorate your home office with colors and items that make you feel energized and inspired. For example, Southern Living reports that yellow tends to elicit creativity while blue and green are great if you’re aiming for a sense of calm focus.

Upsizing your home could be a great way to support your growing business. Look for other ways to help your business grow smoothly, like going back to school to upgrade your skills or forming an LLC to protect your personal assets. Once you’re all set up in your new home, you’ll be ready to take your business to the next level!

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