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Prepping Your Home For Photographers

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Many homeowners are planning to or already have their home for sale. The photography you use to show off the home on MLS

listing sites is critically important.

As a real estate photographer, I can't tell you how many homes I have been hired to photograph, only the find the homeowner and agent moving clutter from room to room. Sound familiar? That's because many home owners are not properly informed about what to do to prep their home for photographing. Maybe the agent is not focusing clearly on the prepping process and that can be due to a number of reasons. Whatever the reasons are, you really need to focus on this 100%.

The bottom line is to eliminate clutter. Not only inside but outside as well. Charging cables, multiple coutertop appliances and paper piles as an example inside. Outside clutter includes, but not limited to, hose knots, yard and or pool toys and equipment in addition to a yard that is untidy. These are all red flags that will negatively impact your imagery and lessen that "wow" factor which you are trying to maintain and convey.

At AP3, we provide all agents and homeowners with a guide to follow to ensure the location is ready to shoot. This speeds the process and minimizes the need for unnecessary time extensions to photograph the home, ultimately saving you, your agent and the photographer time and money.

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