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The Latest Safety Trends In Residential And Commercial Businesses And Why They Matter

Updated: Jul 21

A hallway with glass wall offices on either side.
Commercial Real Estate

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When it comes to proper building design, safety is just as essential as style and function. It is important that the inhabitants of the structure always feel secure and they can go about their days without risk of injury. Luckily, there have been many trends over the years that builders and landlords are using to make their building safer. Here at AP3 Aerial Photo Platform Productions, we love to help people find the best and safest places to live and work, so today we will talk about some of the newest safety trends.

Bright And Vivid Lighting

Proper lighting is a trend that will always be at the top of the list. Workers and residents need to be able to see where they are going at all times of the day and night. Lately, most businesses are transitioning from incandescent lighting to LEDs, which are often cheaper but also last longer and require less energy. They are also just as bright as their incandescent counterparts.

Lighting is especially important in parking garages where a lot of people and vehicles are coexisting and moving at all times. Check around these areas making sure parking structures are well lit. Go for low-glare, uniform lighting that is energy efficient, better control, much more clear to the driver and human eye. You need to keep the lights on 24-7 to ensure that pedestrians are always protected. This type of lighting is also essential for stairways, vestibules, and walkways so you can deter potential criminal activity.

Proper Signage Should Be Clear And Visible

Every building should also be equipped with proper signage that tells every worker or resident what they should do in the case of an emergency. It should be clear where all fire extinguishers and exit doors are located. A new trend that is emerging is placing a sign on the wall that shows the exit plan in the case of a natural disaster. It should outline the path that a person should take to get out of the building in the fastest and safest way possible, so they can avoid harm.

Since our culture is now more mixed than ever before, it is important that you create signage that can be read or understood by every person who looks at it, regardless of their language. Alarms and voice alerts should also be activated in the case of an emergency, so people know what to do if they can’t see the signage.

Smart Technology Is On The Rise

Many residences and professional office buildings are making use of smart technology to protect against unwanted intruders. The main piece of tech is the smart doorbell that allows anyone inside the building to see who is approaching the doors of the premises. Plus, the operator inside can speak to the person outside and validate that they belong there before letting them in. Here is a link to "no subscription" doorbell cameras.

These smart doorbells are helpful when you have called for maintenance on your home or office, especially after hours. For instance, if you needed to find a commercial plumbing company for your needs and you had arranged for a contractor to come to your building, you can use the video feed and speaker to verify the company and identification of the plumber. Many companies also send photos in advance of the person who will be servicing your building, so you can use that image to compare to the person at your door. If this feature is especially important to you, search through reviews for companies that provide this service and schedule with them for added safety.

Having smart cameras around the building, in the parking garages, and along external walkways will ensure that the residents feel safe. Many cameras turn on when they sense motion and begin recording immediately, so the landlord or security team can review the footage at a moment’s notice.

Cybersecurity Is Also Essential

If you are using smart tech then you need to be aware of the threat of cybercrime. Hackers can breach any device and use it to get into the network of your building. From there, they can access the smart tech in offices or apartments. That is why many landlords are putting more of a focus on running virus scans and updating their smart tech to the newest version so that they are protected against the latest threats.

As you can see, there are many new ways that you can protect your building against crime and theft. Consider these options and make your structure a safe haven. And be sure to vet any contractors who may come to work on your property through photos that you can verify through security cameras.

When you are promoting your business or building, work with AP3 Aerial Photo Platform Productions to get accurate photographs of your properties and security features.

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