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Virtual Tours Supports Social Distancing

The past two months have been extraordinary and, without a doubt, unchartered territory for most of civilization alive today. COVID-19 has just about brought the world economy to a halt; and who knows for how long. Every business, small and large, is scrambling to come up with a way to stay afloat..

With today's self-quarantining, states banning interstate motorists, "stay at home" orders and just the general fear and confusion that is ubiquitous, it has become very difficult to show real estate to potential buyers. Most everybody is staying put until such time that they feel safe enough to resume "normalcy" ; whatever that will be on the other side of this pandemic.

With my special skill set, your agency can still continue to function showing real estate, albeit, not in person, using our virtual tour package. Aerial Photo Platform offers the most of any real estate photographer with its photo packages. All packages include, branded/non-branded tours, branded/non-branded single property websites, printable graphic intensive & ink friendly flyers, a weekly seller report in addition to our Tour-Vibes Reporting System. We can also virtually stage any room.

Use our Spherical Virtual Tours or Standard Tours to keep your agencies business moving by showing potential buyers properties that match their criteria. Remember, the buyers are not going away; they are just waiting.

Spherical Interactive Virtual Tour


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