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We can provide you the ability to remotely capture images of a structures roof with detail.  So if you are purchasing a home, be sure to ask your agent for aerial images of the roof.  We can guarantee you, that when you go house hunting, roof tours will not be on the agenda.  So if you have narrowed your selection down to say two or three homes, ask about getting an aerial photograph of each of the roofs.  You can see things from directly above that you will not be able to pick out when walking it.  Plus we mitigate the risk of falling.   At least with the images, you will be able to zoom in, with detail, on questionable areas  to inspect.  Many homes today have solar panels topside.  That would definitely be something you want to see.  You won't be able to walk in between the panels, but with our aerial photographs, you will be able to see everything you need to.  All of our drone imagery is high resolution so you will be able to zoom in without the loss of detail.  Be sure to specifically request this as most agents generally will rely on the homeowners testimony and not seek out an aerial for just this purpose.

Roof Assessment Photos For The Hudson Valley 

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