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Examples of commercial real estate aerial images. Commercial real estate is a big part of AP3 photography.   Just like residential real estate, commercial concepts like office space, production areas, waiting rooms,  break and relaxation rooms are just some of the very important features.  When a company is looking to purchase, they are looking at square footage and the ability to to ensure future expansion.  In addition to being  a functional facility now. The aerial photographs or video can give your clients a birdseye view of the landscape and terrain showing how it interfaces with the building.  Is there enough parking.  Can our delivery trucks maneuver easily.  Can we and do we need to expand the parking area.  Our drone photography will allow you to make those decisions, if not fully, partly.  Many agents rely on our expertise to get the images they need to move the property on a timely basis.

Aerial Photos For Hudson Valley Real Estate 

Commercial Aerial Real Estate Photo Gallery

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