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For Developers & Construction Companies

One of the first things we do with a client is to determine what are their goals for a particular project.  There is no "one size fits all" approach, so we discuss your project and match our products to your meet your needs.  Our progressive imagery is an actionable media production that we provide to developers and construction companies.  We call it View Point.  Our View Point media production allows Project Managers, Investors, Safety & Security personnel  to see the site at any given point in time and from any location on the property.  You can view it in a number of ways including;

  • Video

  • 360° panograph images

  • Standard 2D images

  • Orthomosaic Projections


All of the imagery is high resolution so you will have excellent clarity to make project decisions for security, safety, asset management and more.  We can customize it anyway you would like and adjust on the fly.  We are flexible!

See the video below for a more detailed showing of how View Point can work on your site.

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