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Are Your Drones Remote ID Ready? Ours are!

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Remote ID broadcasting from a drone
Drone transmitting to smart devices

Beginning September 16, 2023, all drone pilots required to register their drone must operate under the Remote Identification (ID) rule by operating:

  1. A Standard Remote ID Drone – a drone produced with built-in Remote ID broadcast capabilities; or

  2. A Drone with a Remote ID Broadcast Module – a device with Remote ID broadcast capabilities that can be attached to a drone; or

  3. At an FAA-Recognized Identification Area (FRIA) – areas where drones without Remote ID broadcast capabilities can operate. Only FAA-recognized community based organizations and educational institutions may request a FRIA through FAADroneZone.

I am happy to say the Aerial Photo Platform is remote ID ready so we will not be impacted by the new rule. Its business as usual. So if your drone team or department is going to be set back until all units are either replaced or retrofitted, AP3 can assist. Contact us for all your drone needs, whether its simple real estate or complex construction photogrammetry. We are here to serve you.

There is more information here which will explain the new remote ID law.

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