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Drone Remote ID - Not Too Far Away

Important rules changes with regard to Federal drone laws; Remote ID. What information will be broadcast with Remote ID?

  • Number identification (much like a cars license plate)

  • The location of the drone including latitude, longitude and altitude

  • flight speed

  • The time of flight

  • The location of the control operator

  • Emergency status indicator in case of emergency

Who can access the Remote broadcast information? Well, anyone with access to a mobile device within range of the drone will be able to ingest this data. This includes law enforcement, companies, schools and other Part 107 UAS operators. Now these laws will become effective October 21, 2023 so it will give you enough time to either implement a UAS department for your agency or figure out how you can integrate the costs of hiring a pilot to get the images. AP3 can help you with this.

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