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Real Estate & COVID-19

Updated: Apr 1, 2020


Covid-19 is probably the biggest pandemic the world has seen since Polio. Major League sports has announced the cancellation and postponement of games, NYC has now declared a State of Emergency, new cases of Covid-19 are popping up like the Spring Crocus. Do not kid yourself! Business will be affected even though its a sellers market right now. With mortgage rates at historical lows, mortgage applications will be running rampant. Do not lose out on your property listings. Since there will be less public movement, Aerial Photo Platform can showcase your listings with virtual tours. We can even create spherical virtual tours to allow potential clients to virtually visit your properties and experience the home as if they were actually there. That's because we provide high quality imaging on all of our products. Our tours can allow a potential buyer to move through the presentation much faster than that "other" virtual tour product. We also provide you with a branded and non-branded tour, a weekly sellers report, graphic intensive and ink-friendly flyers for you to print, a single property website in addition to our Tour Vibes reporting system. No other company provides this much value for the price. We can even provide you with virtually staged images for empty properties. Show your agency and your clients that you are proactive for them during this extremely troubling time. Better days are coming. For now call us to help get you through. You'll be glad you did!

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